‘A’ by t e l e p a t h, out now on white 12″ vinyl




“I was standing in a large square room and there was nothing below me, nothing above me. I looked down and the floor was an infinite black void, descending into nothingness. Above me was an eternal white void, ascending forever. I stood facing the wall where the two met, a neutral zone.

Sensing a strong presence behind me, I turned and saw a girl who glowed radiantly with her own light, a vivid entity. As our eyes met for the first time, an intense feeling of love overpowered me. She began to glow even brighter, more light emanating from her being until the light consumed us both and we joined together as one.

In that moment of telepathy we shared memories, emotions and everything together as one mind. We felt our connection so powerfully; an eternal bond that could never be broken. She began to explain many things about myself, life and the cycle of human existence until the knowledge transfer became too intense and made me black out.

Waking up, I knew I had found my true love and my purpose in life. I knew then to call her A.” – t e l p a t h


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Sangam to release new album ‘You Forget This’, November 3rd on Dream Catalogue


Sangam - You Forget This

“I mean look at the state of it down there already..”

The thick Manchester accent of the quote that opens the new album of our latest signing Sangam, ‘You Forget This’, puts you straight inside a dream – a dream of northern England in a near future of rainy nights and fluorescent lights.

It’s deep dream-like atmospheres, hypnotic repetition recalls Burial’s most sparse, percussion-free pieces. And having grown up in Manchester listening to artists like Burial from the old UK dubstep and garage scenes, this music has certainly proved to be an inspiration to Sangam, who has taken some ideas of this time and created his own dark ambient vision. The melancholy undercurrent of real British culture is exposed in full here, with hypnagogic loops of sadness, regret, pain.

‘You Forget This’ is a trip and a dream, a moment in time, a premonition of the future and memories of the past.

Sangam – ‘You Forget This’ (DREAM_133) releases Thursday November 3rd on cassette and digital, direct from Dream Catalogue and all digital streaming services and vendors.

Listen to a preview of the album here, with opening track ‘Friday Night, 11pm’:

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