Yoshimi’s ‘Atavism’ now available on vinyl and digital



The incomparable Yoshimi returns to Dream Catalogue for his first ever vinyl release on May 30th with Atavism, the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut Tokyo Restricted Area.

Native to Tokyo, Yoshimi’s music speculates on the ancient lore of his homeland relative to the modern city, exploring the dichotomy between the seen and unseen worlds. And while Tokyo Restricted Area brought the darker and concrete aspects of the city to life through his sui generis ‘Japanese Hell Trap’ style, his monumental new album Atavism concentrates more on the spiritual side of reality, bringer a softer and more cinematic touch to the music at times, while still going in hard with the banging taiko drums and growling sub bass in others.

Literally an atavist himself, it is this duality in Yoshimi’s music that perfectly paints exactly what he is set out to express: he evokes a spiritual and awe-inspiring atmosphere, both light and dark, through the use of contemporary electronics and traditional sounds of the ancient traditions from his homeland, bringing to light our forgotten dreams of our ancestors to create a new spiritual future.

Atavism is available now on vinyl and digital.

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