5 new albums announced, plus re-presses of R23X, 2814, and the DREAMBOX


After a short spell away planning out the rest of the year, DREAM is back with a sequence of 5 brand new albums from new and returning artists.

We are also happy to announce that as of right now, we have a much requested repress of the R23X OSV / OST dual album in stock and available for purchase.

We also will be delivering one final re-press of the DREAMBOX coming very soon, which we will announce when ready.

Also, as per the request of many, 2814’s Birth Of A New Day will 100% be repressed on vinyl this year – so expect an announcement on that in the coming months, along with some other big things we have planned out for 2017.

And now on with the upcoming release schedule – we have 5 albums from 5 amazing artists that we are excited to announce:

Computer Graphics - Lo Fi

Computer Graphics

Available on cassette / digital from April 4th, 2017

Having gained popularity under his main alias Pixelord and his record label Hyperboloid, Alexey Devyanin, the Russian artist notorious for his refined production talents and daring electronic experimentalism, arrives on Dream Catalogue under his dancefloor-oriented Computer Graphics alias, with new album Lo-Fi.

The follow up to last year’s We Have To Go on FUSELab, Lo-Fi is a continuation of the house and techno stylings of the former, reining in recent lo-fi trends in dance music and expanding upon them into further areas of jazz chord progression and dub techno, staying true to Devyanin’s nature of exploring curious new ideas in sound. And though lo-fi in style, the sound across the album is often hi-fi in execution, pushing worn out tape textures into modern techno sounds that give the album an entirely fresh feeling.

Listen to Dirty Tape, from Lo-Fi – available April 4th, 2017 on cassette/digital:



HCMJ - Flight


Available on cassette / CD / digital from April 18th, 2017

No stranger to Dream Catalogue, having gained much acclaim already as one of the members of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv with their album I’ll Try Living Like This, HCMJ finally brings his first solo recording to the label with Flight on cassette and CD.

The follow up to 2012’s Honeybee on Orange Milk, Flight is a return to Webster’s progressive rock past with new ideals he has learned from his explorations in dds.wmv, taking the guitar-based experimentalism of the former and integrating the twisted audio manipulation of the latter to create something unique for the artist. Conceptually, it arrives from a similar place as Honeybee too, in that HCMJ uses the music as an outlet for his own internal anxieties.

Listen to Candlewax, from Flight – available April 18th, 2017 on cassette/CD/digital:



The Jewel Ship - Integrating Clouds

The Jewel Ship
Integrating Clouds

Available on cassette / digital from May 2nd, 2017

Having debuted on HVRF with the album MATRIX SHARDS 001, the entity known as The Jewel Ship comes to Dream Catalogue with his next ambient installation Integrating Clouds. The release is made up of two long-form drone pieces, something which fans of Virtual Dream Plaza are sure to enjoy.

The Jewel Ship is a well travelled artist, pulling inspiration from the various cultures he has visited. In this case, Integrating Clouds was inspired by an ancient and obscure Buddhist text he discovered while in Tibet. The drones are made up of synths and organic sounds that he recorded himself using his own generated solar power, blending the natural and synthetic world into a singular spiritual experience: deep sounds of the ancients in this cyberpunk timeline.

Listen to an extract of Cloudpulse, from Integrating Clouds – available May 2nd, 2017 on cassette/digital:



Shinatama - Astrocide (Part I)

Astrocide (Part I)

Available on cassette / digital from May 16th, 2017

Quietly rising through the past years with two previous releases on Dream Catalogue to date, Shinatama is back to cement themselves as one of the most integral members of our label with Astrocide (Part I), the artist’s most fully realised and ambitious release to date.

Intended to be the first of a set trilogy, the conceptual work is an evolution of 2015’s The Unified Consciousness, bringing similar elements with the unique compositions that are instantly recognisable as Shinatama, and the experimental use of vocaloid, expanding on them into new territory. As the former album was an introspection into existentialism and the human life cycle, Astrocide continues with similar themes of life and death in the grander scope of the astral space as a whole, painting a musical reflection of beauty and tragedy.

And with this release, we are also happy to announce that we will be pressing both of Shinatama’s previous albums on cassette to go on sale with Astrocide.

Listen to ‘Ganymede’, from Astrocide (Part I) – available May 16th, 2017 on cassette/digital:



Yoshimi - Atavism


Available on vinyl / digital from May 30th, 2017

The incomparable Yoshimi returns to Dream Catalogue for his first ever vinyl release on May 30th with Atavism, the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut Tokyo Restricted Area.

Native to Tokyo, Yoshimi’s music speculates on the ancient lore of his homeland relative to the modern city, exploring the dichotomy between the seen and unseen worlds. And while Tokyo Restricted Area brought the darker and concrete aspects of the city to life through his sui generis ‘Japanese Hell Trap’ style, his monumental new album Atavism concentrates more on the spiritual side of reality, bringer a softer and more cinematic touch to the music at times, while still going in hard with the banging taiko drums and growling sub bass in others.

Literally an atavist himself, it is this duality in Yoshimi’s music that perfectly paints exactly what he is set out to express: he evokes a spiritual and awe-inspiring atmosphere, both light and dark, through the use of contemporary electronics and traditional sounds of the ancient traditions from his homeland, bringing to light our forgotten dreams of our ancestors to create a new spiritual future.

Listen to Epigenetic, from Atavism – available May 30th, 2017 on vinyl/digital:

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